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[FIGHT PREVIEWS] Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez vs Alfredo Angulo, Rustam Nugaev vs Marvin Quintero, Jorge Arce vs Aldimar Silva Santos, Paul Butler vs Oreste Bernabe Nieva + more

Friday March 7

Pala Casino Spa and Resort, Pala, California
Time: 9:00 PM EST, 6:00 PM PST, 2:00 AM GMT
Television: ESPN2 (USA) DigiSport (Hungary)
Fight Thread: Yes

Rustam Nugaev 26(16)-6-1 vs Marvin Quintero 25(21)-4

10 rounds
lightweight division
Nugaev has a pretty shabby record, but he hasn’t lost in 7 years. Granted, the wins don’t necessarily add up to contender level. His opponent is coming off nearly a year and a half layoff. Quintero was last seen giving it his all and still losing a split decision to lightweight champion Miguel Vazquez. Prior to that, Quintero had never had a win that screamed contender. These two should combine for an entertaining fight with the winner possibly positioning himself for a shot at the #1 contender for a title at lightweight.

Khabir Suleymanov 16(6)-3 vs Roman Morales 17(9)-0

8 rounds
bantamweight division

Saturday March 8

From Domo de la Macroplaza, Nogales, Sonora, Mexico
Time: 11:00 PM EST, 8:00 PM PST, 4:00 AM GMT
Television: Azteca (Mexico) UniMas (USA)
Fight Thread: No

Jorge Arce 62(47)-7-2 vs Aldimar Silva Santos 19(10)-7

10 rounds
featherweight division
Arce’s latest retirement lasted all but 11 months. He made his return moving back to featherweight and knocked out Colombian Jose Carmona. Arce thinks he’s got one last run in him. The 34 year old will need to get past Silva Santos who’s 4 and 6 in his last 10. Shouldn’t be too hard.

David Alonso Lopez 41(23)-13-1 vs Jose Uzcategui 21(17)-0

10 rounds
middleweight division
From Aintree Equestian Centre, Liverpool, Merseyside, UK
Television: BoxNation (UK)
Fight Thread: No

Paul Butler 14(7)-0 vs Oreste Bernabe Nieva 15(6)-2-2

12 rounds
super flyweight division
Butler will enter world level in the near future. Nieva shouldn’t be too much of a threat to Butler. Nieva, at one point, fought 3 opponents in a row with a combined record of 0 wins 15 losses and a draw. Butler has elevated his level of opposition over the past 8 months this is yet another step for him. By the way, there will be no round-by-round of this fight simply because I don’t believe the demand is there for it. If this is something you guys want, then we’ll do it.

Kevin Satchell 11(2)-0 vs Isaac Quaye 25(16)-4-1

12 rounds
flyweight division
From MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada
Time: 9:00 PM EST, 6:00 PM PST, 2:00 AM GMT
Television: Showtime PPV (USA) Boxnation (UK) Main Event (Australia) Sport 1 (Hungary) Televisa (Mexico) RPC-TV (Panama) GSP TV (Romania)
Fight Thread: Yes

Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez 42(30)-1-1 vs Alfredo Angulo 22(18)-3

12 rounds
junior middleweight division
I’m a strong believe in gut reactions. Usually my initial reaction when a fight gets announced is right 80% of the time. It’s only through hype, select highlight videos, and sheer human wonder that has led me to sometimes sway my picks and get them wrong. Anyway, in this case when it was announced it would be Canelo, coming off the loss to Mayweather, against Angulo, coming off the loss to Lara, I thought Canelo had it in the bag. Not only is it just my eye test, but I looked at boxrec and checked out Angulo’s record. I saw no notable wins. He was schooled by Cintron, destroyed by Kirkland, and outboxed and quit against Lara. Angulo fights with the heart of a lion, but he’s never had an impressive victory. Canelo’s close win over Trout and the mere fact that he’s improved in every fight except his last (the day someone shows improvement in a fight with Floyd… that’ll be the day.) I was confused at this point when I looked at the response from various boxing communities who proclaimed this to be a big mismatch and that Canelo (who’s only ever been hurt once in his career) would be stopped. On what grounds? I thought. How could people say this. Angulo is completely unproven when it comes to winning. He’s got power, certainly, but not the wins.
I brought all this up in conversation with hungry_freaks_daddy a few weeks ago and he had a brilliant point about this fight. I have yet to watch episode 2 of All Access, but I believe that what you’re about to read should have been the narrative Showtime ran with. Here’s the conversation:
Me: Trout is definitely his best win. The case I'm going to make is that this is a 50-50 fight. A lot of people believe Angulo is gonna wipe the floor with Canelo and while it's possible, it's unlikely. Angulo has ZERO notable wins. Canelo's win over Trout trumps anything Angulo has done. People have fallen in love with Angulo's supposed power, but when has he finished the job on a legit opponent?
HFD: Of course people don't want to show Canelo respect. He's the pretty boy darling fighter that is the protege of the pretty boy darling fighter. People don't identify with Canelo. They think he's been handed everything. They identify with Angulo because he looks the part of the fearsome underdog warrior. He has some pop, and he's in memorable fights. Somewhere in people's minds that turns into this being a mismatch for Canelo. People need to forget about the Mayweather fight. It shouldn't even count when you lose against Mayweather because it means jack shit. So, Canelo coming off beating Trout, vs Angulo coming off being stopped by Lara, and Lara dominating Trout. The A/B/C logic is usually silly, but come on.

Leo Santa Cruz 26(15)-0-1 vs Cristian Mijares 49(24)-7-2

12 rounds
WBC super bantamweight title
Santa Cruz is one of Golden Boy’s rising stars and he appears to not need their help. He looks like a young Margarito without the slow start. He’s a torrential downpour of offense and if we apply the transitive property here, Santa Cruz will blitz through Mijares with the force of the German blitzkrieg.

Carlos Molina 22(6)-5-2 vs Jermall Charlo 17(13)-0

12 rounds
IBF light middleweight title
With the recent arrest of Molina, it appears the fight may be bumped off the televised card. Seems like an appropriate way to avoid discussing Molina, now an outed sex offender, for an hour. As for the fight, I’m really happy for Jermall Charlo. I think his brother is a tad more skilled than he is, but he carries far more power and has the perfect style for it. Jermall has one of the best jabs in boxing already and that might be key to keep this fight watchable. Molina loves to make fights ugly by getting on the inside and clinching. If Charlo can keep Molina at the end of his jab, Molina will be in for a long night. The problem for Charlo is that Molina has shown to legitimately give problems to just about everyone he’s faced and it seems no one has completely figured out how to beat him without question. Molina has a case to be a 1 loss fighter if he had some luck, but he doesn’t.

Jorge Linares 35(23)-3 vs Nihito Arakawa 24(16)-3-1

10 rounds
lightweight division
This will be a don’t blink fight. Arakawa will come to fight, no doubt about that. The intrigue is that Linares will do his best to keep Arakawa from asserting his will by boxing his head off. I feel it will be only a matter of time before Arakawa breaks Linares down and it becomes a blood bath.

Will Tomlinson 21(12)-0-1 vs Jerry Belmontes 18(5)-3

10 rounds
super featherweight
Wild Wild Will will make his American debut after spending his entire career down under in Australia. This is a good time for Tomlinson to take his competition up a notch because super featherweight is stacked right now and there are a ton of fights to be had.

Sergio Thompson 28(26)-3 vs Ricardo Alvarez 23(14)-2-3

10 rounds
lightweight division
There are rumblings that this card may open the televised broadcast seeing as how Molina has gotten himself into a bit of trouble with the law. It will be a fun fight. Thompson’s power is no joke and he was in a fight of the year candidate last summer with WBC super featherweight champion Takashi Miura
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[FIGHT PREVIEWS] Timothy Bradley vs Manny Pacquiao, Gilberto Ramirez Sanchez vs Giovanni Lorenzo, Anthony Mundine vs Joshua Clottey, Frank Buglioni vs Sergey Khomitsky + more

Wednesday April 9

From Entertainment Centre, Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia
TV: Main Event (Australia) Sky Arena (New Zealand)
Fight Thread: No

Anthony Mundine 46(27)-5 vs Joshua Clottey 37(22)-4

12 rounds
middleweight division
I’ve always liked Joshua Clottey. His performance against Pacquiao was such that it rewrote his history. He became known as the Ghanian Everlast punching bag. It’s not like he didn’t earn it, but it’s a bit disappointing. He was disqualified early in his career in a fight he was clearly winning for his first career loss. The next loss was against Antonio Margarito. I don’t see a planet where that Margarito would ever lose to a fighter like Clottey. Clottey has always been a shell fighter who emerges with hard counter shots. Margarito was free to rack up points all night long. His next loss came 3 years later after beating Diego Corrales and Zab Judah. His loss to Cotto was controversial and I’m gonna admit to you all that I thought Clottey won. I love Cotto, but the harder punches in that fight came from the Grandmaster. Clottey has since trekked up to middleweight and he faces Anthony Mundine. Mundine has a split decision over Geale as the best win of his career. I’m not counting his stoppage of Shane Mosley last year. Mosley has always had back problems (if you watch the first De La Hoya fight, he tells his dad in the corner about it.) I think given Mosley is a couple years from social security, it’s forgivable
All that said, I’m going to take Clottey. His experience with some of the best welterweights of this past decade should prepare him to beat 38 year old Mundine.
From Hua Hin, Thailand
TV: 9 (Thailand)
Fight Thread: No

Sirimongkol Singwancha 76(48)-2 vs TBA

12 rounds
welterweight division
The only reason this is here is because he’s next in line to face Floyd Mayweather. Wait, just kidding. Earlier this week there was a thread asking for the most padded records in the game. I think Singwancha has thrown his hat into the mix.

Thursday April 10

From BB King Blues Club & Grill, New York, New York
TV: GoFightLive.TV
Fight Thread: No

Ievgen Khytrov 3(3)-0 vs Jas Phipps 4(1)-2

6 rounds
middleweight division
Khytrov is a decorated amateur who some are projecting to be the next Golovkin. Put this guy on your watch list. If nothing else, he’s exciting to watch.

Friday April 11

From Del Mar Fairgrounds, San Diego, California
TV: No
Fight Thread: No

Mercito Gesta 26(14)-1-1 Edgar Riovalle 37(26)-17-2

8 rounds
lightweight division
What happened to you Mercito? You were contending for knockouts of the year on Friday Night Fights and you fought on the Pacquiao-Marquez IV undercard for the lightweight championship… and now you’re fighting an 8 rounder in some dirt field under Schaefer’s banner. You were seen as a potential candidate to be the next Filipino sensation given the knockouts you were scoring…
The Vazquez fight proved a couple of things. One, don’t question Gesta’s heart. The guy went out and never stopped trying to knock Vazquez out. That can be completely frustrating when fighting a master like Vazquez. Especially when you’re falling asleep. The other thing Gesta proved was that he’s a bit of a gunner. Gesta looked crude against Vazquez. He looked like a knockout was the only way he could beat a guy who had adept boxing skill. Gesta needs to improve that to make the next step in his career and at 26 there’s still time. I’m not sure who’s training him, but I’m not counting this kid out. With the right training, I think Gesta could turn into a force at lightweight. Riovalle is a tough opponent. In fact, this will be a good barometer for where Gesta is.
From Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada
Fight Thread: Yes

Gilberto Ramirez Sanchez 27(21)-0 vs Giovanni Lorenzo 33(25)-6

10 rounds
super middleweight division
All you guys out there that like to find out and watch the next wave of prospects, tune in. Seriously. Sanchez is 22 years old, he’s tall, he’s a southpaw, he’s just about everything you want to see in a Mexican prospect. He goes to the body, he’s aggressive, but the key to Sanchez is he’s also smart. He can move, he uses his jab to keep his opponents at a safe range, he throws in combination, and he’s got some pop. He’s still got some flaws, his defense is a bit frantic, but wait till you see his right hook. This could be Gilberto’s coming out party. He’s got a marketable look, too. His opponent is no Andre Ward, but let me tell you this: He’s gonna test Ramirez. This guy has been in with a ton of experienced guys. He took Sam Soliman, Hassan N’Dam N’Jikam, Felix Sturm, and Sebastian Sylvester the distance. Only Danny Jacobs has stopped him and it’s not like Jacobs doesn’t hit hard. I’m excited about this match. A future fight between Chavez Jr and Gilberto Ramirez would be bananas in Mexico. All he’s gotta do is keep on winning.

Jesse Hart 12(10)-0 vs Samuel Clarkson 10(6)-2

8 rounds
super middleweight division
Jesse Hart is a Philly fighter with an amateur pedigree. I like what I’ve seen from him. He’s got power and he’s not afraid to open up. I think this is supposed to be a showcase fight for Hart. Clarkson doesn’t have the strongest chin so look for Hart to stop the kid.

Haskell Rhodes 19(9)-0 vs Alejandro Rodriguez 21(12)-13-1

8 rounds
lightweight division

Egor Mekhontsev 2(2)-0 vs Dwayne Williams 5(2)-1

6 rounds
light heavyweight division
The Olympic gold medalist from the 2012 London Games returns to action. Mekhontsev looked spectacular in his fight on the Shiming undercard in February, but his opponent also looked like a guy this picked out waiting in line at the grocery store. Top Rank has high hopes for Mekhontsev, but the light heavyweight division may not have much room for him. I hope ESPN shows this fight.

Saturday April 12

From Blue Water Dokken, Esbjerg, Denmark
TV: 3+ (Denmark) TV 3 Sport 2 (Denmark) Viasat Sport (Norway) PolSat Sport (Poland)
Fight Thread: No

Erik Skoglund 19(10)-0 vs Danilo D’Agata 12(3)-1-1

12 rounds
EBU-EU light heavyweight title
There’s no room for you guys in the light heavyweight division. Sorry.

David Price 16(14)-2 vs Ondrej Pala 33(23)-4

8 rounds
heavyweight division
Remember when Price was seen as the heir to the Klitschko throne. That he would be the guy to finally knock out Dr Steelhammer? Then Tony Thompson came and pissed all over it… That was a good lesson in how size and power severely overrate and blind people to the real inadequacies and shortcomings of fighters. Price is on the rebuild here his faces a guy who didn’t look too bad last year against Dereck Chisora. That is until the bizarre finish/stoppage. The way I feel about Price is similar to the way I feel about watching Steve Nash play basketball. I love the guy and want to see him do great, but I know how injury prone he is. Every move he makes, every corner he turns, every jump makes me cringe at the potential of him tweaking or aggravating something. It’s nerve racking. I wouldn’t be surprised here is Price doesn’t fair too well. His last fight was over in a minute and was not long enough to show that price has learned anything since getting stopped twice by old man Thompson. This should be interesting as long as it lasts.

Andy Lee 31(22)-2 vs Frank Haroche Horta 34(13)-12-5

Who the hell is promoting Andy Lee these days and why didn’t we get Lee-Macklin over St Patricks day weekend? It’s unfair. I’ve always liked Lee. Emmanuel Steward saw something special in him and that’s enough for me to believe in him. Lee has the distinction of dropping Brian Vera in both of his fights with him, which diet heavyweight Julio Cesar Chavez Jr failed to do in 2 fights with him. Lee also lost to Chavez Jr… but let’s leave the past in the past. Lee looked fantastic his last time out. He’s only 29 and I think could make a real run at the middleweight title.
From Telekom Dome, Bonn, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
TV: ?
Fight Thread: No

Manuel Charr 25(15)-1 vs Kevin Johnson 29(14)-5-1

10 rounds
heavyweight division
Charr was stopped by Vitali Klitschko, but other than that has been a good fighter. He’s fought mostly in Germany and I don’t know if I’m happy or not that this isn’t on TV. Kevin Johnson makes for real unwatchable, unappetizing, unappealing fights. Please look up his stinker with Dereck Chisora last year. Please, do it for me.
From Oasis Hotel Complex, Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico
TV: Fox Espanol (USA)
Fight Thread: No

Roberto Ortiz 30(23)-0-1 vs Joe Emilio Perea 22(14)-4

12 rounds
light welterweight division
Ortiz has a nicely padded record that he’s amassed by fighting exclusively out of Mexico. Maybe Golden Boy is ready to start pushing this guy, get him some exposure, and then they’ll feed him to Broner or Garcia.
From Copper Box Arena, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Hackney Wick, London, UK
TV: Boxnation (UK)
Fight Thread: Yes

Frank Buglioni 12(9)-0 vs Sergey Khomitsky 28(11)-10-2

10 rounds
super middleweight division
Leave it to Frank Warren to put on a card the same day as an American pay-per-view. Let’s stay on topic. I like Buglioni a lot. He doesn’t have one-punch power, but he puts his punches together nicely and takes his time. Thus far, it’s worked out nicely. Buglioni is only 24 and has a real chance to fight on the world level. Khomitsky doesn’t look like a good match-up on paper, but his record is deceiving… In his last fight against Martin Murray (you know, the guy that half the people here think beat Sergio Martinez, you crazy people) I thought Khomitsky probably won that fight. The referee gave the fight to Murray (of course) but the seed was planted. Either Murray isn’t as good as we thought and Sergio was just injured in their fight, or Murray fought the fight of his life against Sergio and now he’s done, or Khomitsky is pretty good… or styles make fights. It’s one of these things. Either way, do not get this twisted. Buglioni is still far from ready to be on the world level, but the potential is there and this is a good test to see where they should go with his development.

Tony Conquest 13(5)-1 vs Ovill McKenzie 21(10)-12

12 rounds
cruiserweight division

Bradley Skeete 15(4)-0 vs Tobia Giuseppe Loriga 27(6)-3-2

12 rounds
welterweight division
How the hell do they keep finding these guys that are even more feather-fisted than Skeete? This guy was probably the master of finding Waldo when he was younger. Maybe there’s another version of Boxrec with sortable columns. A little bit of trivia for you guys. Loriga was once knocked out by Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. The contracted weight? 153 pounds! Can you imagine a Chavez that skinny!? Guess how much Chavez weighed on fight night? Yep, you guessed it. 171 pounds. How does he do it? Maybe he’s controlling gravity around him. That is the only explanation.
I don’t wanna hate on Skeete because that dude has a done of balls and heart. He goes out there and fights his ass off, but I’m just not interested in seeing it. Skeete is pretty masterful at jabbing and moving laterally to keep his opponent from planting his feet and mounting offense. When he’s cornered, he steps in and clinches. First and foremost, it works. He’s not undefeated because he hits like Roman Gonzalez. But if he did hit like Roman Gonzalez, Skeete would be a terrifying fighter. In fact, I like thinking about this. Alternate universe Bradley Skeete. He’s just the same except he’s got long hair and packs 1-punch power… and he’s promoted by Ricky Hatton. But that is all fantasy. The reality is that Skeete has an unappealing style to even the hardcore fans and while he keeps on winning, it add up to a hill of beans until he either changes his style or knocks out a real contender.
PS. I was kidding about Chavez's weight. He really did weigh in at 153, I have no clue what he weighed on the night of the fight.

Hughie Fury 13(8)-0 vs Danny Hughes 12(3)-2-2

6 rounds
heavyweight division
Hughie is the more talented of the Fury’s, but they aren’t rushing anything with him. What I love about Hughie is that he’s a giant of a man who isn’t afraid to go to the body. This shouldn’t be too difficult of a fight for the big guy.

Georgie Kean 3(1)-0 vs William Warburton 11(2)-60-3

4 rounds
welterweight division
Guess how many times Warburton has been knocked out.. Click here to check your answer. I bet you were wrong. This fight will make it on the card because Gorgeous Georgie Kean is pretty popular and moves tickets.

Chris Eubank Jr 13(8)-0 vs TBA

unknown rounds
probably middleweight division
Warren is throwing everything at the wall here! Eddie Chambers is also on the undercard, but I’m not putting anything else for this card.

more in the comments

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Looking for a place to watch Pacquiao-Rios? Look here!

Hi, this is the official thread to find a place to watch Pacquiao-Rios. Please see The Ultimate Viewing Guide to find a place to order it from the comfort of your home.
This thread is designed to help everyone find a place they can go to watch it.
So if you'are asking the question, is there a local bar showing it? Here's what you should do. Well first, don't make a new thread. It will be deleted and you will be referred to come here.
  1. Call your local Buffalo Wild Wings & Hooters and see if they're showing the fight. If that fails...
  2. Check here! Do not make a new post! Look at the main post and if you haven't been helped out, post your city and we can all get looking for you. Don't give up! Search Yelp, search Facebook, search Twitter. Keep coming back because I'll be updating this post whenever I find new places.
  3. When you find a place, please post the place here!!! You could be helping a fellow fan out. Without further adieu...
Please add more in the comments & I'll update the main post.



507 Danbury Rd

New Milford, CT

Cover: ?


Northern California

223 Castro St

Mountain View, CA 94041

Cover: ?

Southern California

1096 N Main St

Orange, CA 92867

Cover: ?

4251 MacArthur Blvd

Newport Beach, CA 92660

Cover: ?

11154 Hwy 76

Pala CA 92059

Cover: ?

San Diego Area

8910 Troy St

Spring Valley, CA 91977

Cover: $10.00


8389 Pines Blvd

Pembroke Pines, FL 33024

Cover: ?


319 N Walnut St

Bloomington, IN 47404

Cover: ?


1189 West Kansas Street Liberty

Missouri 64068

Cover: ?

Multiple locations

Cover: $10.00

New Jersey

2293 Lincoln Highway

Edison, NJ 08850

Cover: ?

932 Middlesex Ave

Metuchen, NJ 08840

Cover: ?

New York

New York City

611 9th Avenue

New York, New York 10036

Cover: ?

51 Kent Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11249

Cover: ?

37 Greenpoint Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11222

Cover: ?

40-18 Queens Boulevard

Sunnyside, NY 11104

Cover: ?



15155 North Freeway

Houston, TX

Cover: ?

El Paso
There are a few places showing it that you can find here.


This website should help you out significantly!
Please let me know how it works and if you have success using it.

350 Gifford Street

New Westminster, BC V3M 7A3

Cover: ?


Try this website and let me know if it works



32nd Avenue Corner, Justice Drive

Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

Olongapo City

47 National Highway, Barrio Barretto

Olongapo City, Philippines


The Marina Bay Sands
And if you're stuck, at the end of you trail, sad Saturday night because you can't find a place to watch... please join us in the fight thread ;)
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